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Personal Service

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Making a lawn beautiful is no easy task. It takes patience and knowledge to do it right. At Cutting Edge, we take lawn care seriously and hire only those who take it seriously as well.

Our staff is high-trained and has years of experience in the field. Our managers started in the field, so they know what it takes to provide you with the best possible service.



When it comes to business, taking time to do things right is an art form. You must balance speed and quality. This is something we are proud to say we do.

Our experienced staff works quickly and carefully. You can count on the professionals at Cutting Edge to fix any problem you may have.



It seems these days that businesses worry more about getting new customers than they do about keeping their current customers.

At Cutting Edge, our philosophy is simple: professional service with a personal touch. This is the kind of service that makes lawn care transform from a headache into delight.